Located in Busturia (Vizcaya) on the first floor of Ekoetxea, en at the core of the Biosphere Reserve Urdabai, one of the Basque Country with the largest number of ecosystems; which means that there is also greater biodiversity.

The territory was declared Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1984 and the Basque Parliament approved five years later, Law 5/1989 of Protection and Management of the space, in order to protect and enhance the recovery of the whole of its ecosystems, due to its natural interest, scientific and environmental education.

Ekoetxea has large green areas and playground and swings and a maze natural hedgerows where most kids can play and have fun. It also has its entry with ample parking for vehicles as well as buses.


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    From September 15 to June 15 Monday closed.

    Bar opening

    Monday – Sunday 13:00 – 15:30 | 20:00 – 23:00

    From September 15 to June 15 Tuesday through Thursday Dinners subject.
    Sunday night there is no room service.




    Train: Bilbao – Bermeo de Euskotren
    Salida desde Bilbao: Estación de Atxuri o Bolueta.
    Llegada: Busturia (San Cristóbal)
    Horarios de Euskotren
    Bus: Bizkaibus A3515 Bilbao – Amorebieta Etxano – Gernika – Bermeo
    Salida desde Bilbao: Abando Station o calle Juan de Garay (Pza. Zabálburu).
    Llegada: Busturia (San Bartolomé)
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